9V 1A DC Power Supply Adapter for Arduino

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The 9V 1A DC Power Supply is a compact and reliable source of power for a variety of electronic devices. It offers a stable 9V output with a maximum current of 1A, making it suitable for powering low-to-moderate power electronics and components. This type of power supply typically accepts input voltages in the range of 100-240V AC, making it compatible with various electrical systems worldwide.

Equipped with a barrel jack or a connector suitable for your specific application, this power supply provides regulated voltage to ensure the safe and reliable operation of your devices. It often includes protective features like over-current, over-voltage, and short-circuit protection to safeguard both the power supply and the connected electronics.

Whether you're working on DIY electronics projects, powering microcontrollers, or providing energy to routers and other electronic gadgets, the 9V 1A DC Power Supply is a versatile and essential tool in your electronics toolkit.

Specificatoins of 9V 1A DC Power Supply Adapter for Arduino:

  • Input voltage range : AC100V-240V.
  • Input voltage frequency: 50 / 60HZ
  • Output voltage: 9V.
  • Rated output current: 800mA
  • Current output range: 500-800MA
  • Maximum output current : 1A
  • Voltage accuracy: ± 5% (no load)
  • Work efficiency : 80%.
  • Operating temperature : 0 ℃ ~ +50 ℃
  • length: 1 meter
  • DC head diameter :∮5.5 * 2.1 DC line

Features of 9V 1A DC Power Supply Adapter for Arduino:

  • Usage Tip:
  • Ensure that the output voltage and current rating of the power supply match the requirements of the device you intend to power. Pay attention to the polarity of the connector, and double-check the compatibility of the plug type with your region.
  • Caution:
  • To prevent electrical shock or damage to your devices, use the power supply as directed in the manufacturer's instructions. Avoid overloading the power supply beyond its rated capacity, and be cautious of potential hazards when working with electrical equipment.
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