BT-MOS 3D Printer Heat Bed Power Module

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3D Printer Heat Bed High Current Power Module [25A] is a high current power module for providing proper electricity supplying for the 12V heat bed of the 3D printers. This board is designed based on NCEP01T18 NCE N-Channel Super Trench Power MOSFET chip. This chip is developed based on Super Trench technology that is optimized to achieve maximum performance in high-frequency switching. In facts by minimizing the power dissipation of the conduction and switching operating to an ultra-low combination of RDS(ON) and Qg. So this chip is specialized for high-frequency switching and synchronous rectification.
This board is developed base on the power MOSFET chip and enables PID controlling of the heat bed, unlike the DC-DC relays. In a normal situation with normal cooling, the maximum current is up to 25A. This board is designed to the heat bed of the 3D printers with 12V DC supplying and can be used in Chitu motherboard and other open 3D motherboard printers.

Name: Heated bed power module
Size: 60*50mm
Mounting holes: 3.2mm diameter, for M3 screws.
Distance between the holes: 54*43mm
Voltage: 12V
Maximum current with active cooling: 210A

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