1 Way Relay Module - 12V, Low Level Trigger

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Each of the Arduino pins provide you with an output voltage of 5 volts and a maximum current of 40 milliamps, and this amount of voltage and current provided by the Arduino board is not enough to run many devices, so this module It is a very suitable option for controlling lamps, motors, electronic valves or even various devices and other devices that require high voltage and current. By using this widely used module in addition to Arduino boards, you can control lights and other devices. Connected to city electricity, turn off or on your home, open the door, control your devices and machines intelligently and automatically with a little development in your workshop or factory, or thousands of other ideas in other home fields. Implement industrial, agricultural, security systems, etc. This module is designed so that the digital pins of the Arduino board are directly connected to the relay control input, there is a small LED on the board that shows you the status of the relay. If you connect the relay to city electricity (AC), each relay installed on the module can withstand a maximum current of 250 volts and 10 amperes, and if your voltage is DC, a maximum current of 30 volts and 10 amperes.


  • Working voltage: 12 volts
  • Number of channels: single channel
  • Dimensions: 43x17x17mm
  • It has an LED indicating the status
  • Active low activator input



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