XL3608 2A mini DC/DC Boost Converter

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The XL3608-5/9/12V 2A mini DC/DC Boost Converter is a compact and efficient power supply solution for various devices and systems. With its input voltage range of 3-24V and output voltage options of 5V, 9V, and 12V, this converter offers flexibility and stability for different power needs. It also has a high conversion efficiency of up to 94%, making it a reliable and energy-saving choice.

This module adopts 4A switching current chip scheme, with maximum input current up to 2A, stable performance and switching frequency of about 12MHZ, the module works in both PWM and PFM operating modes, while the empty charge light charge module works in PFM mode to eliminate static reduce operation. When the load current increases, it is automatically adjusted to PWM mode. The module uses a sufficient current inductor to avoid the problem of limiting the module output due to inductance. The module adopts a typical BOOST boost structure, so the output terminal is statically short-circuited, and the output power is completely dependent on the input voltage and current. It is not possible to output 2A current at a voltage mentioned in the market (please refer to the detailed explanation below). The module reserves a jumper pad for 5V 9V 12V output selection, which allows users to easily adjust between the three common voltages mentioned above. In addition, an ADJ path with an 0805 package is also reserved. Users can weld resistors here to set their desired output voltage.

Specification of XL3608-5/9/12V 2A mini DC/DC Boost Converter:

  • Module type: switching power supply, boost power supply
  • Input voltage: DC 2.5-11.5V (lower than Output voltage of 0.5V)
  • Input current: 2A (max)
  • Output current: determined by input, calculated according to instructions below
  • Output voltage: DC 5/9/12V
  • Output power: User Input voltage x1 5 (max)
  • Switching frequency: approximately 1.2MHz
  • Working mode: pwm/pfm
  • Quiescent current: 200uA-600uA (pfm mode)
  • Setting method: jumper pad selection, 5/9/12v, adj pad adjustable
  • Module interface: Solder pad (capable of connecting to 2.54mm rows of pins)
  • Module size: 24.4x13.7mm (manual measurement with deviation)
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