WS2812 18-Bit Full Color RGB LED Ring Module

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WS2812 Circular Full Color RGB LED Module [8 Bit]  is a circular PCB layout of 18 RGB LED with a built-in controlling and driving based on WS2812 Intelligent control driver chip. WS2812 chip consists of intelligent digital port data latch, signals reshaping amplification drive circuit, an accurate oscillator, and a 12V voltage programmable constant current control part. This built-in driver can adjust and intelligent the RGB LEDs, to make a NeoPixel module. Each color LED can adjust up to 256 brightness level, so for 3 (RGB) LED this means 256x256x256 (16Meg) brightness level and so combination color, thus a full color displaying. This wide range of adjusting level can be covered and swept with a more than 400Hz/s scan signal. These  RGB LED lights are high bright. Each round PCB module can be cascaded with a few similar modules via a serial cascade interface (DI-DO), to use just one driver chip to control them. Each RGB LED is driven with 18mA constant current, so it is not needed to limit the current by applying additional resistor, results in module slimming.
This module features internal power-on and power-down reset, LED with low driving voltage, inverse polarity protection, environmental protection, low power consumption, high brightness, and wide light emitting angle. Also, this can transfer data without additional circuit under 5 meters distance between any two points.

Product type: LED Modules
Chip: WS2812
Total LED count: 18 LED
Light source color: RGB (16777216 colors)
Light source model: 5050
Interface type: Serial Cascade
Working Voltage: 5V
Size: 57mm x 57mm

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