DS18B20 Temperature Sensor - Waterproof Probe, 1m

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The DS18B20 Temperature Sensor with a Waterproof Probe is a versatile and accurate digital temperature sensor commonly used for temperature monitoring and control in various applications. It features a waterproof stainless steel probe and a 1-meter cable, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor temperature sensing tasks.

Specificatoins of DS18B20 Temperature Sensor - Waterproof Probe, 1m:

  • Type: DS18B20 Digital Temperature Sensor
  • Probe Type: Waterproof Stainless Steel Probe
  • Cable Length: 1 meter
  • Temperature Range: -55°C to +125°C (-67°F to +257°F)
  • Temperature Resolution: 9 to 12 bits user-selectable
  • Accuracy: ±0.5°C (from -10°C to +85°C)
  • Interface: 1-Wire digital interface
  • Power Supply: 3.0V to 5.5V DC
  • Operating Current: 1mA (max)
  • Dimensions (Probe): Typically 6mm in diameter
  • Connector: 3-pin, with red (VCC), yellow (data), and black (ground) wires

Features of DS18B20 Temperature Sensor - Waterproof Probe, 1m:

  • Sensor Type: The DS18B20 is a digital temperature sensor that communicates over a 1-Wire digital interface. It provides accurate temperature readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • Probe Type: The sensor comes with a stainless steel waterproof probe, allowing it to be immersed in liquids or exposed to challenging environments while maintaining accurate temperature measurements.
  • Cable Length: The 1-meter cable attached to the sensor provides flexibility in sensor placement and mounting, particularly in situations where the sensor needs to be separated from the control or display unit.
  • Temperature Range: The DS18B20 sensor can measure temperatures ranging from -55°C to +125°C (-67°F to +257°F), making it suitable for a wide range of temperature monitoring applications.
  • Temperature Resolution: It offers user-selectable resolution from 9 to 12 bits, allowing you to choose between lower resolution for faster readings or higher resolution for increased accuracy.
  • Accuracy: The DS18B20 provides an accuracy of ±0.5°C within the temperature range of -10°C to +85°C, making it suitable for many precision applications.
  • Power Supply: It operates on a power supply voltage between 3.0V and 5.5V DC, making it compatible with a variety of microcontrollers and devices.
  • Connector: The sensor typically has a 3-pin connector with red (VCC), yellow (data), and black (ground) wires, simplifying the connection to your electronic circuitry.
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