W5500 TCP/IP Ethernet Module (WIZ820IO Compatible)

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W5500 Ethernet Module TCP/IP Protocol Stack SPI Interface IOT Compatible with WIZ820io Shield
The W5500 is a full-featured TCP/IP embedded Ethernet controller that provides an easier Internet connection solution for embedded systems. The hardware logic gates are used to implement the transport layer and network layer of the TCP/IP protocol stack (eg TCP).,UDP,ICMP,IPv4,ARP,IGMP,PPPoE and other protocols),and integrated data link layer,physical layer,and 32K bytes of on-chip as data transceiving buffer. The host computer main control chip only needs to undertake the processing task of the TCP/IP application layer control information. Thereby,the workload of the host computer for data copying,protocol processing and interrupt processing is greatly saved,and the system utilization and reliability are improved.


  • Built-in hardware TCPIP protocol stack,users need almost no knowledge of complex network protocols
  • Support TCP,UDP,ICMP,IPv4,ARP,IGMP,PPPoE protocol
  • Integrated data link layer,physical layer
  • Support power-down wake up
  • Support high-speed serial peripheral interface (SPI mode 0-3)
  • Internal 32K byte send and receive buffer
  • Embedded 10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet Physical Layer (PHY)
  • Support auto-negotiation (10/100-Based full/half duplex)
  • IP fragmentation is not supported
  • 3.3V working voltage,I/O signal port 5V withstand voltage
  • LED status display (full duplex / half duplex,network connection,network speed,active status)
  • Ultra-small pin package for easy embedded applications
  • Provide C application routines


  • Power supply mode: 3.3V external power supply,current should be greater than 200mA
  • Control interface form: 3.3V TTL level,SPI interface; 2* single row pin
  • PCB size (MM): 23 * 25 mm
  • Mechanical dimensions (length * width * height)
  • Support up to 8 Socket connections
  • 80MHz high speed SPI interface
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