USB3.1 Type-C Male Plug with PCB Breakout Board - Pack of 2

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A USB Type-C Male Breakout Board is a circuit board designed to provide easy access to the pins and signals of a USB Type-C male connector. It serves as a convenient tool for electronic enthusiasts, hobbyists, and engineers who need to interface with or prototype projects involving USB Type-C connections.

The primary purpose of the breakout board is to expose the individual pins and signals of the USB Type-C connector. This allows users to easily connect wires, probes, or other components for testing or integration into their projects.

Specifications of USB3.1 Type-C Male Plug with PCB Breakout Board

  • Connector Type: USB Type-C Male Connector
  • Pin Access: Provides 4 soldering pads for data (2 pads) and power (2 pads)
  • Compatibility: Compatible with USB Type-C cables, devices, and protocols
  • Port: 16 Pin USB 3.1 Type C Male
  • type-c-pcb-board-pinout.jpg

Usage tips of USB3.1 Type-C Male Plug with PCB Breakout Board

  • Please Note that this breakout board does not make all the USB Type C connector pins available to the user. It pulls only 5V, ground, D+ and D- from this connector.
  • This breakout board can transfer data at USB 2 speed.
  • This breakout board supports fast charging protocols such as PD or QC (various versions) etc.
  • To use this module, you don't need to buy an expensive Type-C cable. Since the data transfer speed is limited to USB2 speed and only 4 wires are used for it, using a USB data cable like this product is sufficient for it.
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