TSD-10 Thermometrics Turbidity Sensors

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Turbidity sensors is the use of optics, light transmittance through the liquid solution and scattering rate to determine the turbidity of the consolidated case, the haze value is the amount of the gradient usually detected in a dynamic environment, the haze value of the acquisition sensor requires an external control for AD conversion, the conversion get the turbidity case corresponds environment, so that the sensor can also detect the need to produce peripheral circuits in the system, with waterproof probe, mainly used in washing machines, dishwashers and other equipment turbidity testing can also be used in electronic design, graduation design, electronic competition experiments and other applications;

Working voltage: DC 5V;
Working current: 30mA [MAX];
Response time: <500ms;
Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ [Min];
operating temperature: -30 C -80C;
Storage temperature: -10-80 C.

Package Include : 
1x Turbidity  Sensor

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