Touch Switch Module

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This module adopts imported special chip for touch buttons, which has strong anti-interference, sensitive touch, and can penetrate plastic, glass, wood and other insulators (except for liquids). This module can set 2 modes, trigger mode and lock mode, which is beneficial to everyone To develop different products, this module can be controlled by a single-chip microcomputer or directly connected to a relay module for control.


  • Voltage: 3- 5V (the smaller the voltage, the smaller the sensing distance, the voltage 3-5.2V )
  • Current: standby 2uA/ working current 2.17mA
  • Size: Diameter 2CM (round)
  • Output current: 3-5V/8mA
  • Output level: default low level (L), high level when working.
  • Sensing distance: At 5V voltage, the sensing distance is 5 mm .
  • There is a blue LED indicator in the middle of the PCB.

Sensing distance:

The default is 5 mm, and it can be controlled by insulator induction. It is forbidden to install on metal places. It can be set to touch or self-locking. The default delivery is touch (non-self-locking).

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