R308 Biometric Fingerprint Module

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R308Fingerprint module consists of optical fingerprint sensor 、 high speed DSP processor 、High performance fingerprint algorithm  High-capacity FLASHChip and other hardware and software; Stable performance, Simple structure, With fingerprint entry 、 Image processing 、 Fingerprint comparison 、 Search and template storage Other functions; Use 8 refinery instructions , Easier development.
Functional perfection: Complete fingerprint acquisition independently 、 Fingerprint registration 、 Fingerprint comparison (1: 1) and fingerprint search (1: N) function.
Compact size: Small product size, Built-in DSPThe circuit board of fingerprint algorithm chip, integration and integration, Easy installation, Less disturbances.
Ultra low power consumption: Very low overall power consumption; With finger sensing output, Wake-up call CPU Or automatic power on function , Suitable for low power requirements.
Strong anti-static ability: Strong anti-static ability, Anti-static index reached15KVAbove。
Simple application development: Developers can follow the control instructions, Develop self-fingerprint application products, no need for professional fingerprint recognition knowledge.
Adjustable security level: Suitable for different applications, the security level can be set and adjusted by the user

Supply voltage: DC 4.2 ~ 6.0V
Power supply current:
Working current: 110mA (Typical value)
Peak current: 140mA
Fingerprint image input time: <0.3 second
Window area: 15 ╳ 19mm
Matching fashion:
Comparison mode (1: 1)
Search mode (1: N)
Template file: 512 Byte
Storage capacity: May 500
Safety grade: Level five (From low to high: 1、2、3、4、5)
False Recognition Rate (FAR): <0.001%
Rejection rate (FRR): <1.0%
Search time: <1.0 second (1: 1000 Time, average value)
Upper computer interface: RS232 (TTLLogic level)
Baud Rate (UART): (9600 ╳ N) bps AmongN = 1 ~ 12 (Default valueN = 6, Namely57600bps)

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