PX-988 90W Electric Soldering Iron

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  • With particular large-screen LCD display , display the set temperature clearly.
  • Lead-free soldering iron - made of copper and nickel chromium synthesis, professional electroplating process, anti-oxidation, enhance soldering service life.
  • Fine polishing stainless steel tube - with heat emission hole design, effective extend heating core life, coordinate with the electric wood sleeve head, so is anti - high temperature.    
  • The handle adopts silicone protecting cover, have great effect of anti-skid and thermal insulation.
  • PTC ceramic heating core - solid ceramic imported technology, quick heat-up and precise temperature control, permitting high quality soldering work.
  • Imported silica gel wire, reinforced copper core wire into power cord, anti-perm,  wear resistant, and not easy to burn.


  • Heating element: professional printing plate ceramic core
  • Power: 90W
  • Standard Soldering tip: 900M-T-B
  • Adjustable temperature: 100-480 ℃
  • Solder Iron length: approx. 235mm/9.25inch
  • Temperature stability: + / - 5 ℃ (no load)
  • Power wire length: approx.1.43 m/56.30inch
  • Plug specification: national standard 3-pin plug 220V


1.Use low-temperature welding as much as possible
The high temperature will accelerate the oxidation of the soldering iron head and reduce the life of the soldering iron head. If the welding head temperature over 470 ℃, its oxidation rate is twice as large as 380 ℃.

2.Don't push too hard
When welding, do not push too hard, or it will cause the iron head to be damaged. As long as the soldering iron head is fully exposed to the solder, heat can be transferred. Also, select the right solder head to help heat transfer.

3. Always maintain soldering iron tin soldering
This can reduce the oxidation chance of the soldering iron head and make the iron head more durable. After use, should reduce the temperature of soldering iron slightly to add the new soldering tin so that the tin coating has a better antioxidant effect.

4. Keep soldering iron head clean and timely cleaning oxide
If the soldering iron has black oxide on its head, which must be cleaned immediately. clean the solder with a clean sponge and then soldering tin(do not use sandpaper or hard material to clean the solder).

5. Use low active flux
Highly active or highly corrosive flux can accelerate the corrosion of the soldering iron head during heating, so it should be used for low corrosive flux.

6.Put the solder iron on the soldering stand
Do not need to use the solder iron, should carefully put it on the proper soldering stand,in case the soldering iron head damaged by the collision.

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