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LJ12A3-4-Z-BY Inductive Proximity Sensor Switch (PNP Open Transistor) is an inductive proximity switch with PNP normally Open transistor in small cylinder-shaped (tubular) with 12mm diameter. A proximity switch is a contactless switch, which consists of 3 circuits: an oscillator circuit to produce an alternating magnetic field for sensing the presence of metal via induced Eddy current (in metal object) phenomena, an amplifying circuit to magnify and process the oscillator circuit variations due to absorbing (reducing) oscillator power by metal eddy current, and a switching circuit to drive another circuit or application.

This switch also can be considered as a sensor, because it can sense the distance and do an action. This proximity switch is an Lj 12A3, this LJ series also known as non-contact travel switch, which acts by the proximity of metal, means when its distance to a metal thing is less than a specified distance, it senses the metal presence and acts. The normally open (NO) switch means that the signal output line default is off mode, without output signal, it is changed to closed by sensing of the objects and the output signal is activated. In lieu, the normally closed (NC) switch means that the signal output line default is on and the continuous signal output is cut off by object sensing, results in the driving line of external application ie turned off.

This sensor is widely used in the automatic control of machine tools and industries, to detect, control, and non-contact switch applications, such as 3D printer extruder.

Features of LJ12A3-4-Z/BY Inductive Proximity Sensor 3-Wire:

  • Inductive probe for 3D printer
  • Model: LJ12A3-4-Z/BY
  • Input voltage: 6-36V DC
  • Output type: NPN NO (normally open)
  • The diameter of the probe: 10,5mm
  • The diameter of the thread: 12mm
  • Pin: 3 wires ( brown, blue, black)
  • Detection distance: 4mm
  • Detecting object: iron
  • Output current DC type: 200mA-300mA
  • Wire length: 120 cm
  • Shell length: 62mm
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