NRF24L01 3.3V VCC Adapter Board

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While working with microcontrollers, a common voltage line of 5V DC is available, anywhere. Sometimes we need an exact voltage other than 5V, such as for working with most of the wireless module, that can't apply them 5V, their needs just and exact 3.3V DC voltage. So it is needed an intermediate board or module that matches the line of about 5V DC with a required 3.3V DC. In other word, it is required to convert 5V DC to 3.3 V DC with a device or module, which are known as a voltage regulator or voltage adapter module.
One of the fully useful and most common wireless modules in microcontroller projects is the NRF24L01 series module. But this module works by exactly 3.3V DC voltage. So while working with such module, a Reviews 3

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