NE555 Square Wave Signal Generator Module

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This is a square wave pulse generator module based on the ubiquitous NE555 timer IC. The module can be powered from a wide power supply range (4.5 to 12V) and will produce a continuous square wave output between 15Hz to 24KHz which can be set by on on-board multi-turn potentiometer. Useful for applications where an approximate frequency clock source is required such as for stepper motor step generation tone generation etc.

Specificatoins of NE555 Square Wave Signal Generator Module:

  • Working voltage: 5 to 12V
  • Supply current: 3mA at 5V Vcc
  • Min freq (approx): 15Hz 49% duty cycle at 5V Vcc
  • Max freq (approx): 24KHz 89.4% duty cycle at 5V Vcc
  • Output voltage: 4.5V at 5Vcc / 11.5V at 12Vcc
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