CJMCU MPL3115A2 Atmospheric Pressure Altitude Sensor

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CJMCU MPL3115A2 Height And Pressure Sensor Module [1.9V-3.6V] [20KPa-110KPa] is a two functions height and pressure sensor, which is based on MPL3115A2 Pneumatic Pressure Altitude Intelligent Temperature Sensor chip. This chip has a built-in 32-sample FIFO buffer and 24-bit resolution ADC which presents a full and high compensation algorithm to produce precision digitalized output with high resolution of 24bit. Because of this internal processing, remain less task for microcontroller processing. This sensor has offset adjustment capability and can work as a standalone data acquisition with limit alarms and extreme value recording. Also, it can provide up to 128 times oversampling rate, 32 FIFO sample buffers for data storage, and the host can read data when needing. This sensor can interface with microcontroller and Arduino boards through I2C read to write operations, without any additional component and data processing, that extremely decrease system power consumption.
This sensor has an LDO internal regulator, so it can be supplied with 1.95V up to 3.6V, with 8.5μA current at 1Hz sampling or 2uA at standby mode. the sensor is a valuable and intelligent digital pressure and height sensor, which can accurately detect and measure pressure, altitude, and temperature without needing back-end data processing to meet the application requirements of many applications such as mobile phone and tablet applications, high precision altimetry, personal electronics altimetry, weather station equipment, GPS enhancement for emergency services, map analysis assessments, other industrial and medical instruments.  

Chip: MPL3115A2
Output Type: Digital
Standby mode Current: 2μA
Low power mode Current: 8.5μA, 1Hz sampling
Input Voltage: 1.95V ~ 3.6V
I / O Voltage: 1.62V ~ 3.6 V
Pressure range: 20kPa ~ 110kPa
Relative measurement accuracy: ± 0.05 kPa
Effective resolution: 1.5Pa / 0.3m
Temperature Range: -40°C ~ 85°C
Compensated data output:
   - 20-bit pressure data, output unit Pascal
   - 20-bit height data, output unit meter
   - 12-bit temperature data, output unit degrees ℃
Two programmable interrupt pins
Built-in 32-sample FIFO buffer
Interface: I2C
Pin Number: 6 Pin
Size: 18mm x 18mm

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