How to Use HF43B Bluetooth MP3 Player Module with Android

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HF43 Bluetooth Player Features

The HF43B music player module consists of two parts: the HF43B Bluetooth receiver and the PAM8403 amplifier. The combination of these two pieces has resulted in a wireless player with an amplifier. This module uses the Bluetooth version 4.

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HF43 Bluetooth Player Pinout

HF43 module has 4 pins and one micro USB port:

  • R+: Right speaker (positive)
  • R-: Right speaker (negative)
  • L+: Left speaker (positive)
  • L-: Left speaker (negative)
  • MicroUSB: Board power supply

You can see the pinout of this module in the image below. 

Required Materials

Hardware Components

HF43B MP3 Player × 1
speaker × 1
Male to Female jumper wire × 1

Software Apps

Arduino IDE

Interfacing HF43 Bluetooth Player with Android

Step 1: Circuit

Connect the wires according to the following circuit.

Step 2: Connecting to Android

When you connect the MicroUSB cable, the blue LED device on the module starts flashing and speakers play a sound. Now you can turn on your Bluetooth device. The speakers announce that Bluetooth is connected. At this step, if you play any music, it will be sent to the speakers through the module.

This module can be connected to Raspberry Pi boards and Bluetooth version 4 modules.

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