Cross Laser Diode - 3V, 5mW (Red)

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Red Cross Laser Diode Module [5mW] [650nm] package contains of a red laser emitter with a cylindrical case which its output is formed to a cross shape. This laser diode is a complete set consist of the laser diode, its driver circuit, Lenze, and cylindrical case without battery or power supply. The main body is a 9mm x 22.5mm copper cylinder with a detachable head (plastic lens and lens cap included). These copper-plated nickel parts have been precision machined, so this case is nice and robust. This nodule is an industrial-grade laser that can be supplied with 2.5V up to 3V (not exceed 3V) and up to 40mA  (not exceed 40mA) current. The module is not protected against short circuit, so while powering on, the red and black wire should be avoided from a collision. This module is like a laser diode pointer pen with a cross pattern.
A laser diode, (LD), an injection laser diode (ILD), or diode laser is an especial semiconductor P-N junction, to emit coherent light with a narrow spectrum. Two big challenges of laser diodes projects are proper heat control (heat dissipation) and proper powering supply (diode driving). Therefore laser diode should be attached on the heat conductive case (copper, aluminum, and so on) to export diode heat-producing into this body. Also, an optical lens is placed on the body to focus the laser beam. 
Such laser module can be used in health care medical devices, military weapons, cam pseudo security applications, stage lighting tools, projection teaching flip pen, warm measuring (ranging) instrument, sweep instrument, marking instrument, level, indoor and outdoor decoration, and so on. Also, this module can be used for hobby applications, beauty equipment, health equipment, gifts, and so on. 

Spot mode: Cross
Operating voltage: 3V
Laser wavelength: 650nm
Output power: 5mW
Working current: < 30 mA 
Drive mode: APC
Laser working life: > 5000 hours
Material: Copper
Color: Red
Operating temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C
Storage temperature: -40°C ~ 70°C
Size: 9mm x 22.5mm

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