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L9110S Motor Driver Controller Board H-Bridge 4 Channel Smart Car Controller Board 2.5-12V 0.8A.


1. The motor drive module itself comes with a four-way L9110S chip.

2. Module power supply voltage: 2.5-12V

3. Suitable for motor range: motor operating voltage 2.5v-12v, working current 0.8A, the current and voltage of the intelligent car on the market are within this range.

4. Can drive 4 DC motors or 2 4-wire 2-phase stepper motors at the same time.

Specificatoins of L9110S 4-Channel DC Motor Driver Board:

  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Type: Module
  • Condition: New
  • Model Number: Motor Driver Controller Board

Features of L9110S 4-Channel DC Motor Driver Board:

  • 1.Integrated L9110S Chip: This DC stepper motor board comes with a built-in L9110S chip, allowing for easy and efficient control of up to four DC motors or two 4-wire 2-phase stepper motors.
  • 2.Simultaneous Motor Control: With the capability to simultaneously drive four DC motors, this motor driver controller module provides versatile motor control options for various applications. It offers convenience and flexibility in motor-driven projects.
  • 3.Wide Range of Compatibility: Designed to work with motors operating between 2.5V and 12V, with a current rating of up to 0.8A, this DC motor drive module is compatible with a wide range of motors commonly used in smart cars and other projects.
  • 4.User-friendly Interface: The dual DC motor module features clear interface markings, including 10P black bent pin headers and an 8P PCB terminal, making it easy to connect external devices such as microcontrollers and motors.
  • 5.Safe: With its reliable performance and built-in protective measures, this smart car controller module ensures safe operation. The VCC and GND power indicator lights provide visual feedback, giving users peace of mind during usage.

Extra Notes:

Module interface description:

10P black curved pin description

1. A1 external microcontroller IO port

2. A2 external microcontroller IO port

3. B1 external microcontroller IO port

4. B2 external microcontroller IO port

5. C1 external microcontroller IO port

6. C2 external microcontroller IO port

7. D1 external microcontroller IO port

8. D2 external microcontroller IO port

9. + External 2.5V-12V voltage connection

10. - External GND

8P PCB Terminal Block Description:

1. MOTORA connects to 2 pins of DC motor, no direction.

2. MOTORB 2 pins for DC motor, no direction

3. MOTORC 2 pins for DC motor, no direction

4. MOTORD to DC motor 2 pins, no direction

Module usage instructions:

Turn on VCC, GND Module power indicator is on.

A1 input high level, A2 input low level, MOTORA motor rotates positively.

A1 input low, A2 input high, MOTORA motor reverses.

B1 input high, B2 input low, MOTORB motor positive rotation

B1 input low, B2 input high, MOTORB motor reversal

C1 input high, C2 input low, MOTORC motor rotates forward

C1 input low, C2 input high, MOTORC motor reversal

D1 input high, D2 input low, MOTORD motor positive rotation

D1 input low, D2 input high, MOTORD motor reversing

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