GP2Y0D810Z Distance Detection Sensor

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GP2Y0D810Z0F is a distance measuring sensor unit. It is designed by Sharp. The output of GP2Y0D810Z0F remains high in case object remain in specific range. It has sampling rate of almost 400 Hz. It consists of a photodiode, an infrared emitting diode and a signal conditioning unit. The sensor distance measurement depends on varieties of reflectivity of object, change in environmental temperature and operating duration. These factors doesn’t affect the distance measurement of sensor because of triangulation method. It is used for applications such as touchless switch, Robot cleaner etc.

GP2Y0D810Z0F Distance Measuring Sensor
It is useful for sensing object at short distance of 2 cm to 10 cm.
Consumption current : Typ. 5 mA
Battery drive possible Supply voltage : 2.7 to 6.2 V

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