IMaxRC B3 Pro Balance Compact Charger for 2S-3S Li-Po Battery

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IMAX RC B3 Pro Lithium Battery Balance Charger [2S - 3S] is a lithium battery charger, which can charge a 2, or 3 cells of the lithium battery (LiPo battery) in a balanced manner. This charger can directly be supplied with city electricity of 110V up to 220V AC, and produce charging power with 7.4V DC output for 2cells LiPo battery or 11.1V DC for 3 cells batteries with 700mA for each cell. In fact, it works as a carregador for zippy turnigy battery package.
Work instruction:  
Plugin the charger to city electricity and wait three power LED indicators to turn to green.
Connect the battery pack, the power LEDs turn to the red and charging is started.
While power LED again turned to green, disconnect the fully charged batteries.
This charger is equipped with 2 LED indicators for each cell, to show these statuses: 
Wait for status with a green blinking light.
Charging status with red continuous light.
Full charged status and ready to use status with a green light.
Fails status with a red blinking light.

Power supply voltage: 110V~240V AV
Output voltage: 2-cell(7.4V), 3-cell(11.1V) 
Output current: 3 x 700mA
Max charger current: 3 x 850mA
LED indicator shows: Wait: Green, Charging: Red, Full: Green, Fault: Red flashing light
Power plug: EU plug
Case material: plastic
Size: 90mm x 55mm x 35mm

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