ESP32-C3 Dual USB Port

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Description of ESP32-C3 Dual USB Port:

This board is assembled with an original ESP32-C3 module from Espressif, with 4MB Flash(ESP32-C3-MINI-1-N4). It is a general-purpose Wi-Fi + Bluetooth® LE MCU module that integrates complete Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE functions.

Most of the I/O pins on the module are broken out to the pin headers on both sides of this board for easy interfacing. Developers can either connect peripherals with jumper wires or mount the module on a breadboard.

There is a RGB WS2812 LED connected to IO8. It has a Red, Green and Blue LED that are individually addressable. There are plenty of examples on the internet showing how to drive a WS2812 LED. For example, Google "WS2812 Arduino" or "WS2812 c code".

There are two USB C connectors. The one is connected to the USB peripheral of the ESP32-C3 chip. The second is connected to the ESP32-C3 modules UART via a CH340 virtual com port.

Features of ESP32-C3 Dual USB Port:

  • 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n-compliant
  • Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE: Bluetooth 5, Bluetooth mesh
  • 4 MByte(32Mbit) SPI Flash
  • 384 KByte ROM
  • 400 KByte SRAM
  • PCB Antenna
  • Dual Type-C USB connectors
  • Reset and User/Firmware buttons
  • RGB WS2812 User LED
  • Power LED
  • Virtual USB port provided by CH340 for debugging and firmware upgrade
  • Assembled with ESP32-C3 module
  • Compact size of 35.6 x 30
  • Supply Voltage: 5V via USB
  • Circuit Voltage: 3.0 to 3.6V Circuit Operation
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