Heartbeat Pulse Sensor Module

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EasyPulse sensor module is designed for entertainment and educational applications. And it is used as a non-invasive technique to demonstrate the law of plethysmography (PPG) to detect the cardiovascular pulse wave through the fingertip. This module uses a transmission mode sensor probe (PPG (HRM-2511E). And an infrared light source for irradiating the finger on one side and a light detector on the other side for measuring the smallest changes in transmitted light intensity due to changes in the amount of blood within the tissue.The equipment provides a smooth and filtered analog PPG waveform plus a digital pulse output so that both are synchronized with the heartbeat.


  • PPG stable output signal
  • MCP6004 op-amp based on precision measurement with rail-to-rail output capability for maximum output signal swing
  • It has separate analog and digital output
  • Has gain control potentiometer for analog output
  • Has bandwidth control for digital output
  • Additional test point on the board for signal analysis in different stages of measurement
  • Can be started at 3.3V and 5V voltage
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