DC Extension Cable - 5.5x2.1mm, Male to Male

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A DC connector (or DC plug, for one common type of connector) is an electrical connector for supplying direct current (DC) power to the grid. 
Barrel plug connectors are commonly used to interface the secondary side of a power supply with the device. Some of these jacks contain a normally closed switch; the switch can disconnect internal batteries whenever the external power supply is connected.
Contact ratings commonly vary from unspecified up to 5 amperes (11 amperes for special high-power versions). Voltage is often unspecified but may be up to 48V with 12V typical. The smaller types usually have lower current and voltage ratings.
This male converter can be used in a variety of applications.

Connector Type: DC Power Plug
Outer Diameter: 5.5mm
Inner Diameter: 2.1mm
Color: Black
Length: 1m

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