LTC1871 Step-Up Boost Voltage Converter Module - 100W

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LTC1871 Step Up (Boost) Regulator Module [3-35V] is a 6A compact but high-powered DC-DC step-up (boost) power supply converter module. It features a wide operating supply range with a power supply input voltage between 3.5 to 35V and will step-up this input voltage from 4V to 35V. The module also includes an integrated voltage meter that can measure both the input and output voltages. A voltage selection button allows for easy switching between the two. Together with its high multi-turn precision potentiometer, any desired output voltage within its supply range can be achieved and measured without the need of an external test meter. Additionally, LED indicators show power and input or output metering.

Input voltage range: 3~35VDC (Note: the input voltage is less than 4V, voltmeter failure)
Input current: 9A (max)
Output voltage range: 3.5~35VDC (please ensure that the output voltage above on input voltage)
Output current: 6A (max)
Output power: 75W (when the input and output voltages greater than 20V up to 128W)
Conversion efficiency: 96.4% (max)
Voltmeter range: 4 to 40V, error ±0. 1V
Size: 67mm x 43mm x 12mm

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