CJMCU BMP280 Gas pressure Sensor

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JMCU-BMP280 is an absolute barometric sensor that is designed for mobile applications.The sensor module is located in a very compact package. Its small size and low power consumption allow battery-powered mobile phones and other devices to implement GPS modules or watches..BMP280 based on Bosch has proven the piezoresistive pressure sensor technology with high precision, linearity and long-term stability and robustness of the electromagnetic compatibility..Many device operation options provide the highest flexibility, optimized power consumption of the device, resolution and filter performance. A test case used in the case of the default setting is for the developer in order to make the design as simple as possible.

GPS navigation enhancements (eg time first improvements, dead reckoning, slope detection)
Indoor navigation (ground detection, elevator inspection)
Outdoor navigation, leisure and sports applications
Weather forecast
The use of health care (eg, spirometry)
Vertical speed indication (eg rise or sinking speed)
pressure range: 300 .... 1100 hPa
absolute accuracy typ. ±1 hPa
Operation Voltage: 3.3V
IIC & SPI Communications Interface

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