AH-38 Wifi Ha Low Long-Distance Image and Data Transmission

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The AH-38 WiFi HaLow is a high-performance and long-distance transmission solution for image and data transfer. With its advanced WiFi HaLow technology, this device offers stable and efficient transmission over longer distances, making it suitable for outdoor and industrial applications. It also has a compact and user-friendly design, making it easy to install and use.

Equipped with a 2.4GHz frequency band and a maximum transmission distance of 1.5 kilometers, the AH-38 WiFi HaLow provides superior performance and versatility for various devices and setups. It also has a built-in antenna for easy and convenient installation. With its affordable price and practical functionality, this device is a top choice for professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone in need of long-distance image and data transmission. Upgrade to the AH-38 WiFi HaLow and experience reliable and efficient transmission for your devices.

Key features of AH-38 WiFi HaLow long-distance image and data transmission:

  • Based on IEEE802.11ah (Halow) protocol
  • Data throughput 16Mbps
  • 1km transmission distance throughput rate is greater than 1Mbps
  • Supports multiple interfaces: SDIO/USB/serial port/network port
  • Has super diffraction ability
  • Applicable to: wireless suits; baby monitor video surveillance; drones; robot
  • industrial control; Internet of Things; smart wearables

Specifications of AH-38 WiFi HaLow long-distance image and data transmission:

  • Wireless performance

    • Protocol: IEEE 802.11ah

    • Frequency Range:902MHz-928MHz

    • Communication bandwidth: 8MHz

    • Data rate: Maximum 16Mbps

    • Receive sensitivity: 1M PPDU, MCS 10 -105dbm; 8M PPDU MCS=0 -95dbm; 8M PPDU MCS=7 -81dbm

    • Number of supported network nodes: Up to 8 access points

    • Transmit power: 20dbm, 100mW

    • Debugging method: BPSK, QPSK, QAM16 or QAM64

    • Transmission distance: Maximum visibility is 1 km, non-visibility is 500 meters

    • Safety regulations: WPA2-PSK

    • Encryption: AES

  • Hardware

    • Network port: 10/100MBps

    • power supply: DC 5V/1A , 12V/1A

    • LED light indication

      • Power Indicator

      • Center point (AP) and access point display

      • Signal strength indicator

    • Antenna interface: IPEX

    • Product weight: 9g

    • Serial port: TTL level

    • Serial port baud rate: Maximum 350Kbps (Default 115200)

  • Electrical properties

    • Input voltage: 5V/1A , 12V/1A

    • Maximum current: 500mA

    • Average working power consumption: 1.5 watts

    • Operating temperature: -20℃~70℃

    • Storage temperature: -30℃~80℃

    • Working humidity: 10%~90%

    • Storage humidity: 5%~95%

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