Adjustable Buck Boost Constant Voltage/Constant Current Power Module

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The adjustable buck-boost constant-voltage constant-current power supply module adopts a buck-boost chip as a main controller, and an external 60V 75A high-power MOS is used as a switch tube, and a parallel high-current and high-voltage double 60V 5A Schottky diode SS56 is used for rectification. Not comparable to the SS34 of the 6009 or 2577 scheme, the first withstand voltage is not sufficient, because according to the buck-boost principle, the withstand voltage of MOS and Schottky is greater than the sum of the input and output voltages (if the input voltage and output voltage are both maximum) 30V, mos tube and Schottky pressure value should be at least 60V), SS34 withstand voltage up to 40V, 6009 maximum withstand voltage 36V, the design of this module is a safety hazard; secondly, the current output capability is not enough, the original SS34 The maximum current is 3A (plus the switching loss, the heat dissipation is not good, the current can pass the current capacity is less than 3A), Schottky will be broken down if the voltage is too high or the temperature is too high, thus burning the main chip, there is a safety hazard; , XL6009/LM2577 solution is inefficient, ordinary inductive heat is large, not a buck-boost chip, lack of sufficient protection to use iron-silicon-aluminum magnetic ring inductors, high efficiency. No inductive howling in constant current mode. Increase heat dissipation and copper. The performance is better than the XL6009/LM2577 solution. After the output voltage is set, it does not change with the input voltage. can set the current size to limit the output current, constant current drive, battery charging and other occasions. It has its own output anti-backflow function, so you don't need to add anti-backflow diode when charging the battery.

Features of Adjustable Buck Boost Constant Voltage/Constant Current Power Module:

  • Input voltage: 5-30V
  • Output voltage: 0.5-30V
  • Output current: can work stably at 3A for a long time, and can reach 4A under enhanced heat dissipation
  • Output power: natural heat dissipation 35W, enhanced heat dissipation 60W
  • Conversion efficiency: about 88%
  • Output short circuit protection: Yes, the module automatically turns off the output after short circuit protection, and can be restored by powering on the module again. If your power supply has no output current limit protection, it is recommended to connect in series at the module input front end.The fuse improves the safety factor.
  • Input reverse connection protection: none
  • Working frequency: 180KHZ
  • Size: 65*32*21mm, mounting hole diameter 3mm
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