DC/DC Step-Up Regulator Module - 600W

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600W Aluminum Plate DC-DC Boost Step Up Converter Adjustable 10A Constant Current Voltage Power Supply Module

Specificatoins of DC/DC Step-Up Regulator Module - 600W:

  • Module properties: non-isolated step-up module (BOOST)
  • Input Voltage: DC 10-60V or 8-16V adjustable
  • Input Current: 10A Max
  • Static Working Current: 10mA
  • Output Voltage: DC 12-60V continuously adjustable
  • Output Current: 12A Max (decreases as the voltage difference between input and output increases, please enhance heat dissipation when over 10A)
  • Constant Voltage Range: DC 12-60V
  • Constant Current Range: 0.2-10A
  • Output Power: Input voltage x 10A
  • Working Frequency: 150kHz
  • Conversion Efficiency: 92%-96%
  • Input Reverse Connection Protection: No
  • Operating Temperature: -40~85℃
  • Module Size: 85*52*21mm / 3.3*2.0*0.8in
  • Weight: Approx. 78g/2.7oz.

Features of DC/DC Step-Up Regulator Module - 600W:

  • 1. Constant output voltage/current, continuously adjustable.
  • 2. High conversion efficiency up to 96%.
  • 3. High power electronic components, stable and reliable.
  • 4. Adopt aluminum substrate PCB with good thermal conductivity.
  • 5. Mainly used for LED drive, DIY power supply, car power supply, solar charging power supply, battery charging, etc.

Usage Notes For DC/DC Step-Up Regulator Module - 600W:

How to use:

Output voltage adjustment:

1. Adjust the CV-ADJ potentiometer, according to your battery or LED, set the output voltage to the voltage value you need. Turn the voltage down clockwise, turn up counterclockwise.

Output current adjustment:

2. Adjust the CC-ADJ potentiometer clockwise about 20 turns, set the output current to the minimum, connect the LED, and adjust the CC-ADJ potentiometer to the current you need. For battery charging, after the battery is discharged, connect to the output and adjust the CC-ADJ to the current you need. (When charging, you must use the discharged battery to adjust, because the battery is left The more power, the lower the charging current.)

Note:Please do not use short-circuit method to adjust the current. The circuit structure of the boost module cannot be adjusted by short-circuit method.

Instructions for use:

1. VIN+ is the positive pole of the input power supply, and VIN- is the negative pole of the input power supply.

2. OUT+ is the positive pole of the output power supply, and OUT- is the negative pole of the output power supply.

3. Constant voltage adjustable range: DC12-60V (clockwise to decrease, counterclockwise to increase),

4. Constant current adjustable range: 0.2A-10A (clockwise to decrease, counterclockwise to increase),

5. When the input current exceeds 6A, heat dissipation needs to be strengthened (the aluminum substrate is attached to the flat metal part),

6. The input voltage cannot be lower than 10V or exceed 60V,

7. The maximum input current cannot exceed 10A, and the power cannot exceed 600W.

8. When using, it must be ensured that the input voltage is lower than the output voltage by more than 2V,

9. Before connecting the load, please adjust the required voltage and current when there is no load (the no-load voltage should be increased by 3-5V when the current is constant),

10. When using a switching power supply or other secondary power supply, please ensure that the power of the power supply should be more than twice the power of this module.

Extra Notes:


1. The input and output cannot be reversed,

2. The input voltage should not be lower than 10V. If the input voltage is too low, the power supply will be damaged. (Be careful to prevent battery over-discharge when using the battery)

2. When working, the input and output voltage and current can not exceed the maximum value, so as not to damage the power supply.

3. Pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation when working with full load for a long time to extend the service life of the power supply.

4. Pay attention to dust and moisture.


1. DIY a regulated power supply, input 12V, and output adjustable from 12-50V.

2. To supply power to your electronic equipment, you can set the output value according to your system voltage.

3. As a vehicle power supply, it can supply power to your laptop, PDA or various digital products.

4. DIY a high-power notebook mobile power supply: equipped with a large-capacity 12V lithium battery pack, so that your books can be bright wherever you go.

5. The solar panel voltage stabilizes.

6. Charging batteries, lithium batteries, etc.

7. Drive high-power LED lights

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