Rotary Potentiometer - 500k Ohm

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A Rotary Potentiometer is a variable resistor that allows you to adjust resistance by turning a knob or shaft. This pack includes 10 potentiometers, each with a 500k ohm resistance rating. Potentiometers are widely used in electronic circuits for tasks like adjusting volume in audio equipment, controlling brightness in lighting circuits, and setting parameters in various applications. These potentiometers feature a rotary design, making them ideal for precise resistance adjustments in your projects.

Specificatoins of Rotary Potentiometer - 500k Ohm:

  • Resistance Rating: 500k ohms
  • Quantity: Sold in a pack of 10 pieces
  • Design: Rotary, meaning you adjust the resistance by turning a knob or shaft.
  • Application: Commonly used for tasks like adjusting volume, brightness, and other parameters in electronic circuits.
  • Terminal Configuration: Typically includes three pins (e.g., VCC, GND, Wiper).
  • mounting type : Through hole DIP
  • Single turn design cermet potentiometer

Features of Rotary Potentiometer - 500k Ohm:

  • Pack of 10: This pack includes 10 potentiometers, providing ample quantity for multiple projects or replacements.
  • 500k Ohm Resistance: The 500k ohm resistance rating allows for precise adjustments in various applications.
  • Rotary Design: The rotary design makes it easy to change resistance settings by turning a knob or shaft.
  • Usage Tip:
  • When integrating these potentiometers into your circuits, ensure you connect them correctly to achieve the desired functionality. Read datasheets or product documentation for specific wiring guidelines.
  • Caution:
  • Avoid applying excessive force when turning the knob or shaft to prevent damage to the potentiometer. Ensure the potentiometer is suitable for your voltage and power requirements to prevent overheating or failure.
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