1x40 Pin Male Headers - 2mm Pitch - Pack of 20

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1x40 Pin Male Headers - 2mm Pitch - Pack of 20 is available to buy in increments of 5

The 1x40 Pin Male Header with a 2mm pitch is an essential electronic component used for establishing connections and interfaces in electronics projects, PCB designs, and prototyping. This male header features a single row of 40 pins spaced at a compact 2mm interval, providing compatibility with various boards, modules, and components.

Specificatoins of 1x40 Pin Male Headers - 2mm Pitch0:

  • Connector Type: Male header with 1 row of 40 pins
  • Pin Pitch: 2mm
  • Pin Configuration: 1x40 configuration, meaning a single row of 40 pins
  • Mounting angle: Straight needle
  • Color:Black

Features of 1x40 Pin Male Headers - 2mm Pitch0:

  • Compact Design: The 2mm pitch makes this header suitable for space-constrained designs while still offering multiple pins for connections.
  • Flexible Connectivity: The 1x40 pin male header allows for various configurations, including connections to female headers, sockets, or receptacles.
  • Solderable and Insertable: It can be soldered onto PCBs or inserted into compatible female connectors, making it versatile for different applications.
  • Usage Tip:
  • Solder the 1x40 pin male header onto a PCB to provide connection points for interfacing with other components, modules, or devices. Ensure proper alignment and spacing during soldering.
  • Caution:
  • Take care when soldering to prevent solder bridges or cold joints that can affect connectivity. Verify proper alignment and orientation of the header pins before soldering to ensure correct connections.

Extra Notes:

Pin header produced by 2.54 millimetres (0.1 in) , 5.08 millimetres (0.2 in), 5.00 millimetres (0.197 in), 3.96 millimetres (0.156 in), 2.00 millimetres (0.079 in), 1.27 millimetres (0.05 in) and 1.00 millimetre (0.04 in) apart distance between the pins, which 2.54 mm apart is most common.

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