2-Channel PWM Signal Generator Module, Stepper Motor Driver

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The PWM generator module has two independent PWM outputs that set the frequency and duty cycle, The adjustable signal generator has a wide frequency range and high precision. The adjustable square wave signal generator can communicate serially. A rectangular wave signal generator can be used to generate adjustable pulses and control related circuits. The rectangular signal generator uses a microcontroller to generate a pulse to produce an adjustable circuit associated with pulse control
Module has 3-channel key:Set,Up,Down
By short press SET key, can shift display 4 parameter values (FR1:PWM1 frequency; dU1:PWM1 duty cycle; FR2:PWM2 frequency; dU2:PWM2 duty cycle); before shifting,there will be corresponding parameter name flashing

Operating Voltage: 5-30V, support micro USB 5.0V power supply
Frequency Range: 1Hz-150KHz
Frequency Precision: 2%
Signal Load Capacity: Output Current is within 8--30mA
Output Range: default 5V V-pp (can be changed by external power)
Environment Temperature: -30 ~70℃
Serial Port Control: Communication Standard:9600 bps
Data Bit:8
Stop Bit:1
Verify Bit:none
Flow Control:none

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