THDZ-1625 Piezoelectric Passive Buzzer

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THDZ-1625 Passive Buzzer [4KHz] is a passive buzzer that beeps by a 4000 signal. For beeping, an active buzzer just needs a DC voltage, to generate a necessary tone using an internal oscillator.  A passive buzzer needs an AC signal to make a sound. This is a small 16mm x 16mm rectangular passive buzzer that sounds around the audible 4kHz range. It can be driven directly from a 3v to 5V Arduino or microcontroller, to generate simple melody. The buzzer leads are terminated with male pin. By applying a DC voltage, It can't generate any sound.

Rated Voltage (Square Wave): 12Vp-p
Operating voltage: 1~30Vp-p
Rated Current (MAX): 5mA
Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 80dB (at 10Cm)
Resonant Frequency: 4KHz
Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ +70°C
Size: 16mm x 16mm x 2.5mm

This passive buzzer requires a square wave (PWM) signal to make a sound or to play melodies. The frequency of this PWM signal will determine its sound tone

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