Silicone Wire - 14AWG, 0.5m Black + 0.5m Red

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This ultra-flexible silicone wire is useful for making custom test cables that can handle a fair amount of current.  It is also popular for wiring DC power systems on robotics and RC models where space is tight.  The flexibility guards against breakage due to flexing and allows for routing in restrictive areas.
Excellent high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, excellent electrical insulation properties, excellent chemical stability, high voltage resistance, aging resistance, long service life, softness and easy installation.

Material: Silicone and copper
 Rated Voltage: 3000V
Operating Temperature Range: -60°C ~ 200°C
Outer Diameter: 3.5mm
Core: 400 x 0.08mm
Cable Length: 100m
Color: Red, Black, Blue, Green, White, Yellow (Optional)

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