1407 Piezoelectric Passive Buzzer

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1407 Passive Piezoelectric Buzzer package contains of 1407 passive piezoelectric buzzers with 14mm x 7mm size, so it's known as compact size and lightweight device. It is a low-power AC passive piezoelectric buzzer with a high-temperature external case that sounds around the audible 4kHz range. It can be driven directly from a 3v to 5V Arduino or microcontroller, to generate a simple melody. The buzzer leads are terminated with a male pin. By applying a DC voltage, It can't generate any sound. This passive buzzer requires a square wave (PWM) signal to make a sound or to play melodies. The frequency of this PWM signal will determine its sound tone
Nowadays, buzzers are produced in a variety of models for various tone functionsBuzzers can be widely used for cell phone accessories, tablets, personal computer accessories, Bluetooth system devices, bank payment systems, the terminal devices of IoT, wearable smart devices, GPS system, medical devices, etc Reviews

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