DC/DC Step-Up Regulator Module - ±12V 50mA Output

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DC-DC positive and negative 12V output voltage converter module has good performance for converting input voltages from 2.8V to 5.5V DC. You can use 3V~5.5V batteries (lithium batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries and 18650 battery series) with this module to obtain the +/- 12V output voltage. This moduel is very small sized and easy to install.

Input voltage range: 2.8V ~ 5.5V
Output voltage: ± 12V (V +  is + 12V, V-  is -12V)
Output Current: + 12V stable output 50ma current capability, -12V Stable output 30ma current capability
Size: 24mm × 12mm

A2D, D2A And amplifier applications.

The -12V supply is lower 0.4-0.6V than the + 12V supply because of the partial voltage of the diode.
Please do not connect high-power loads to this module because of the small output current.

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