ZVS Induction Heating Power Supply Module - DC 12V-30V

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It adopts military-grade 1.6MM double-sided fiberglass board production 
It adopts factory-designed large inductance, and the parameters are consistent in performance. (30MM large magnetic ring, 1.2MM pure copper wire is wound) 
All resistors use five-ring tight resistance (small ring precision resistance error is small, work is more stable) 
Generally use 12-30V DC power supply, the current needs to be more than 10A, because the driver board is working In Zero Voltage Switching, his efficiency is the highest. Other drivers are unmatched. The higher the voltage, the longer the arc is. (I personally test the switching power supply with 27V/15A to pull more than 80MM. The arc, basically no heat), can also be used for induction heating or quenching. This is also the higher the voltage, the faster the heating, and the greater the heat, it is recommended that the diameter of the heated solid object does not exceed 2/3 of the coil.

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