Invite Your Friends to ElectroPeak
And Receive 200 RoboClub Points

At ElectroPeak, you can get RoboClub points by various activities; But the most points are when you invite your friends. By inviting your friends, each of you will receive 200 points, which can be used to get discount coupons worth about $20.

Steps to get the $20 referral reward

1- Go to your account page and, on the right side of the page, click on invite friends to ElectroPeak.

2- Copy your exclusive referral link on this page and send it to your friends via messaging apps, SMS, social media, or email.

3- After your friend registers on the website through the introduction link, he/she will receive 200 RoboClub points, which he/she can use to get a discount coupon.

4- After your friend’s first successful purchase, 200 RoboClub points will be added to your account as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- If I send an invitation link to people who have already bought from ElectroPeak, do I still get points?

No. You will receive referral points only when your friend registers with your link, and makes his first purchase from ElectroPeak.

2- Will I still earn points if my friend registers on ElectroPeak without using my referral link?

No. Your friend must register with your exclusive referral link so that the points are submitted to your account.

3- If my friend makes his/her purchase later, sometime after registration, will I still earn points?

Yes, you will receive the points as long as he/she makes a purchase with the same account that he/she has registered with your referral link.

4- If my friend is already a member of ElectroPeak but has not made a purchase yet, will I still get points with his/her first purchase

No. He/She must register with your link.

5- When will my friend receive the 200 RoboClub points?

Your friend’s points will be added to his/her user account as soon as he/she registers, and it is valid for up to 3 months.