Interfacing YwRobot PIR Human Body Detection Motion Sensor with Arduino

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YwRobot PIR Motion Sensor Features

PIR or Passive Infra-Red sensors use a pair of pyroelectric sensors to detect heat energy in the surrounding environment. This module is used to detect motion of human or animals and has a range of up to 6 meters and 100 degrees viewing angle.

These sensors are usually used for security systems.  This module features high sensitivity, high reliability and small size. Its LED turns on with motion detection, so it can work without connecting to a microcontroller.

YwRobot PIR Motion Sensor Pinout

This sensor has 3 pins:

  • VCC: Module power supply – 5 V
  • GND: Ground
  • OUT: Digital output

You can see pinout of this module in the image below.

Required Materials

Hardware Components

Arduino UNO R3 × 1
YwRobot PIR Motion Detection Sensor × 1
Male to Male jumper wire × 1

Software Apps

Arduino IDE

Interfacing YwRobot PIR Motion Detection Sensor with Arduino

Step 1: Circuit

The following circuit shows how you should connect Arduino to YwRobot module. Connect wires accordingly.

Step 2: Code

Upload the following code to your Arduino.

  made on 20 oct 2020
  by Amir Mohammad Shojaee @ Electropeak
*/ const int Pin=2; void setup() { pinMode(Pin, INPUT); Serial.begin(9600); } void loop() { int sensorValue = digitalRead(Pin); if(sensorValue==HIGH){ Serial.println("Detect Motion"); delay(5000); while(sensorValue==LOW){} } }

In this sensor, the LED will turn on if motion is detected, and the output will be HIGH and last for about 5 seconds. In this program, the word “Detect Motion” appears in the Serial Monitor when the sensor detects motion.

The output is as follows.

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