GY-30 BH1750FVI Digital Light Intensity Sensor Module

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BH1750FVI Digital Light Sensor Module is a digital light intensity sensor module that is based on BH1750FVI Ambient Light Sensor IC. This chip supports the I2C interface and can sense with a high resolution from 1 up to 65535 Lux. Its spectral light sensing is approximately the same as human eye response, besides of 50Hz / 60Hz light noise rejection and light source independence (incandescent lamp, fluorescent light, halogen light, white LED light, sunlight).
its produced output is not a voltage or not a digital signal. While using the version of an LDR with a non-voltage output, it is needed to be calculated or converted to obtain meaningful data. The BH1750 module directly measures light sensor intensity by the Lux meter, without any calculations.  When objects which are lighted in homogeneous get the 1 Lux luminous flux in one square meter, their light intensity is 1lx. For better results and accurate measuring of the illuminant, a reflector can be added to the illuminant to have a more luminous flux in some directions and increase the target surface's illumination.

Chip: BH1750FVI
Power Supply: 3.3V, 5V
Light Range: 0 - 65535 Lx (Lux)
ADC: 16 bit AD converter
Interface: I2C
Pin: 5 Pin
Size: 32mm x 15mm

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