1602 Serial Character LCD Board Display With IIC/I2C Interface

1602 Serial Character LCD Board Display With IIC/I2C Interface


2.4" TFT LCD Display Shield

1602 Serial LCD Module Display With Blue Backlight

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As we all know, though LCD and some other displays greatly enrich the man-machine interaction, they share a common weakness. When they are connected to a controller, multiple IOs will be occupied of the controller which has no so many outer ports. Also it restricts other functions of the controller. 
Therefore, LCD1602 with an I2C port is developed to solve the problem. It is also simple to handle. It has only two bidirectional data lines, a serial data line and a serial clock one. 

How to wire: 


  • Voltage: 5V DC 
  • LCD display type: Characters
  • Module dimension: 80mm x 35mm x 11mm 
  • Data:
    1602 standard 16-pin interface, including:
    Pin 1: VSS is the ground power.
    2 feet: VDD then 5V positive power supply.
    3 feet: V0 LCD contrast adjustment end, then the positive power supply when the contrast is the weakest, the highest contrast when grounded power, the contrast is too high will have a "ghosting", when used by a 10K potentiometer to adjust the contrast.
    4 feet: RS for the register selection, high-level data register selection, low-level instruction register selection.
    5 feet: R / W for the read and write signal lines, the high-level read operation, the low-level write operation. 
    6th foot: E end is enable end, when E end jumps from high level to low level, the liquid crystal module carries out the order.
    7 ~ 14 feet: D0 ~ D7 for the 8-bit bidirectional data lines.
    15 feet: the positive power supply backlight
    16th foot: backlight power negative
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