1602 5V Character LCD Display Module- Green Backlight

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Commonly-used HD44780 controller is built in this 1602 LCD module. Viewing area size: 64.5mm x 16mm. With backlight power control, you can set whether to connect the backlight power through the jumper cap. Contrast can be adjusted.Modules can be cascaded and can be cascaded eight at the same time. Applied to automotive electronics, security equipment, medical electronics, smart home, etc.
CD display module with green backlight
Wide viewing angle and high contrast
Built-in industrial standard HD44780 equivalent LCD controller
Commonly used in: copiers, fax machines, laser printers, industrial test equipment,
network equipment such as routers and storage devices
LCM type: characters
Can display 2 lines X 16 characters
Operate with 5V DC
long life, low power consumption, best quality, competitive price.

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